"Life can be difficult and painful. Let me help you grow past your past experiences and grow."


Being emotionally well is more than just handling stress. It also involves being attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, whether positive or negative. 


I help people move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they have always wanted. 


Trent Orendorf is a Subject Matter Expert on Mental/Emotional Wellness for Wholeness. 

Trent Orendorf, The Life Changer




Trent Orendorf has worn different suits in his life, he has worn the executive suit generating a six figure income in Corporate America, and he has experienced the suit of incarceration and the humbling and dispiriting suit of a mental illness and drug rehabilitation patient. Now he wears the suit as a proud father, husband, business owner, life coach, and motivational speaker as a Subject Matter Expert on Mental/Emotional Wellness for Wholeness changing lives. This proud suit Trent wears now is of personal satisfaction, gratitude and happiness and Trent wants to share this journey with the World.
This Colorado born native takes pride in bringing a message through his real life experiences; studies, personal recovery, and coaching with his journey that helped him achieve successful changes in his own life. Trent has a strong conviction that he has already brought about change in his own life therefore naming his business The Life Changer.
Trent’s objective as a keynote speaker is to bring awareness to his audience about Mental and Emotional Wellness and leave the audience in a better state than before they arrived. As a motivational and leadership speaker
Trent will bring tools and proven techniques to impact and change the lives of the listeners for days and years to come. Trent brings a unique approach to coaching and speaking, which includes a “Work with Me” technique. This technique is intended to engage audience and client participation allowing for interaction, involvement, team approach, and customized for each client and audience. This method can help to accomplish further action steps in their lives towards wellness. This technique is designed so people can apply it in the future for small issues to large issues. Trent touches his audience with humor, transparency, education and an authentic side that is contagious.
Trent will deliver his experiences from trials to triumph as he faced a phenomenal challenge that most people with never experience. Trent’s message will allow you to be gripped yet walk away with valuable tools and techniques, a wealth of information and motivated and equipped for even the smallest events in life. Because of his knowledge, expertise and experiences each individual will receive beneficial material and exercises on operating in the workplace, home, relationships, and society. A few of the benefits can range from coping with tragedy’s, trauma, grief, balancing relationships, managing work-life balance, and setting goals and achievements.
With years of experience speaking at different venues from Corporate and Small Business, Mental Health Facilities, Schools, Hospitals, Community Outreach Centers, Drug Rehabilitation Programs, and churches. Trent brings a high level and range of versatility, enthusiasm, and a moving experience that will be unforgettable.
Everybody needs balance whether you have been through something pronounced or basic day to day activities and responsibilities. Trent will bring the importance and value of incorporating this in your life that can last a lifetime.



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