Which is more important to operate from mindset or mentality? Is there a correct answer? First let’s define each one; the definition of mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone. The definition of mentality is the characteristic attitude of mind or way of thinking of a person or group. In this blog I want to present my experience in a thought-provoking comparison on how to operate daily with your mindset verse mentality.

When using your mentality most of the time we can connect to an emotion such as fear, overwhelmed or joy. Utilizing your mentality can be referred to as a way of life. We all know when we deal in the here and now of life (the present) we depend sometimes for our mentality to get or give understanding. Generally, we get caught up in reaction/action on issues that cause us to go with our instinctive feelings that are tied to our emotions. When using our mentality to deal with issues we can often miss the mark because our actions happen in an instant. When we are acting or reacting there’s no thought process and we put ourselves into positions that can create doubt in our own decision-making process.

What if I told you that I believe it is more powerful to use your mindset over your mentality. Using your mindset capabilities for issues in everyday life you will methodically process what to do, where to turn, evaluate your options and review the outcomes as well as potential outcomes. This is viable because we are not acting out of emotions instead, we will allow the character of who we are to reveal itself in the decision-making process. When we exercise and utilize our mindset more growth happens! Growth mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically! When we have growth, we gain confidence and contribute greater in all aspects of our lives from our relationships to our careers. The importance of understanding mindset verse mentality is creating better dialogue in communication, understanding the differences, establishing goals and growth. Mindset meets action which creates productivity.

Ideally the goal is to be productive every day, every moment. I challenge you to find different ways to utilize your mindset and your mentality and step out of your comfort zone as when we are uncomfortable it creates growth. At the end evaluate personally your own mindset verse mentality and reach for areas of opportunity to better each one.

I want you to grow today as you implement these practices into your life. I look forward to hearing about your growth!

Trent Orendorf