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The Life Changer (TLC) Life Coaching Services starts with an assessment meeting designed to help me uncover your needs to determine the best course of action for a successful outcome. Once an agreement is reached, another session is scheduled that helps identify important information you and I can use to maximize our understanding of where we can improve balance in life. The coaching session is a "work with me process",  which means that you are responsible for doing your part in determining the outcome. 
The entire journey consists of a Client Intake Form, Handouts, Written Exercises, Homework Assignments, One-on-One Coaching Sessions, Quick Weekly Phone Updates, and Client Approved Support Team Conference Calls.
The main focus is to create life balance in four major areas I call (MEPS); Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual.  However,  whichever of the four areas feels most important at that time, a concentrated effort is given to that specific area.  I have ready resources available in each area of interest, and if needed, I can schedule a meeting for a referral to assist.
My main focus is obtaining the correct tools and techniques that will last a lifetime for you to use whenever needed.
Lastly, I hope that my Life Coaching experience not only helps change your life, but the lives of those around you in order to make this world a better place.
I look forward to servicing you.

Trent Orendorf


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"I had a very interesting day at the recent Pep Talks Colorado. There were several presenters that all did a nice job – one presenter especially had an impactful message, Trent Orendorf, Owner of The Life Changer. His company is certified in Life Coaching and his knowledge of mental and emotional wellness was exemplified during the time that he spoke to the gathering.

His presentation style was engaging, entertaining and high-energy. He was often interrupted by applause as he touched on subjects that clearly resonated with many in the audience.


I liked his message and I think there are benefits that can go beyond personal wellness, which could extend to areas in the business process that at times become obstacles to new business growth and inhibit revenue generation.

I would recommend Trent and I think that if he is contacted he can develop a customized plan for you or your organization, which could aid in the achievement of the best potential possible."

Pete Sullivan

Principle, Business Basics Inc.


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